Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lawrenceburg, TN

What a great weekend! The folks in the Lawrenceburg Kiwanis Club sure do put on a top notch event. There are not too many contests out there any more that have a one fee gets your everything, but the folks in Lawrenceburg do and I am sure all of us cooks appreciate them and everything they do!

My dad and I rolled in to Lawrenceburg on Thursday afternoon to set up the trailer and get the fridge plugged in. We visited briefly with Mike and Debbie of Lotta Bull BBQ and John and Kathy of the WIld Bunch Butt Burners then headed back to the house to finish trimming our meat. We were fortunate enough to get a nice SHADY spot which was much welcomed over our last two years of direct sun.

We came back early Friday morning to get all of the major setup stuff done. I tried to smoke some bologna, but let the egg run away and had two large chared chubs....oh well. We went to the cooks meeting which was a first for my mom, and then headed back to the site to start the Anything Butt contest. My mom wanted to give it a shot so we told her to come up with something good.....Crab AuGraten....and it was good....she got a 3rd place call with it so we made her go up by herself to get the award.

A little later we got to work on our meats and everything looked good. The folks and Tammy went back home for the night and I lit the Eggs and headed to bed for a nap. Well...the air mattress had a hole in night there....anyway, got up to get things rolling and we were good to go, the Gurus did their jobs perfectly and all was perfectly on time.

Got up early to head to the cooks breakfast, full spread of Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Biscuits and Gravy..the works...I said this was a great contest. We did our thing when turns ins came around and then headed to awards.

We ended up taking a 4th in Chicken, a 1st in Pork and overall 4th. We were really proud of this finish and see things heading up for us. We were really glad to have in both of our folks for this contest, hopefully we can get them out to more down the road. We know our next for sure contest will be in September, but if we can, look for us in Birmingham in August......

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Jami Schepman said...

congrats! sounds like you guys had tons of fun!!!