Sunday, July 27, 2008

Home From Colorado

Well after two weeks in Colorado, Tammy and I are home. Class was great, wonderful people and we learned a ton. The weather was perfect! Absolutely no humidity which is a WONDERFUL thing.

While in Colorado, we discovered a few new things. One morning, I went to the Student Center to grab some breakfast. They have a Carl's Jr. there (Hardees for us in Alabama). Well, I notice something different on their breakfast menu....a Breakfast Burger. Well, being curious I had to try was like a piece of breakfast heaven on a bun!!! Take a regular hamburger bun, place a layer of Tater Tots, top that with some ketchup then a burger, add a fried egg, some bacon and cheese and there you go.....oh boy.....

Another thing we discovered was the New Belgium Brewery. Our friend Rob of ULIKA BBQ is a fan of their Fat Tire beer. I have also had lots of other friends sing its praise. So....seeing that the brewry was right down the road from our residence hall, we decided to check it out.

The tours were all filled for the day, so the guied told us to take a seat and get some free beer....yes, I said free!! One of the brewry (which happens to be employee owned and is powered by the wind - way cool and so green!) staff members came over to us and gave us a sheet and told us to pick four beers we split the list and tried four different kinds.....our favorite was Sunshine Wheat....very nice and light. Fat Tire was a close second.
We found out that we will not be able to get into the Sloss Furnace Contest.....but we have sent in our registrations for Ashland, MS and Decatur, AL for the first two weeks of September. We are getting the itch to get back out and compete and look forward to seeing our friends out on the trail soon.

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