Sunday, September 28, 2008

Decatur, AL

This is the 4th year that Kevin has cooked in Decatur, and the third team name he has cooked under. The first year was with some local guys from the Shoals, the following two was with our old team and this year marked the FIRST year as the EGGseQuetive Council. Well, I think we finally hit on something as Decatur has been really rough to Kevin in the past. This contest also had a little kink in our normal schedule as Tammy and Kevin had to go back to Madison at noon on Friday for their class phone call. We did not get back to Decatur til after 7pm which already had us 1 hour behind our normal schedule.

We had some great neighbors as our friends Jiggy Piggy, Lotta Bull BBQ and the Haleyville Super Smokers were right across from us. Let me tell you, the slaw dogs that Jiggy Piggy had on Friday evening were awesome, Tammy and I have been making them for lunch quite often. 74 Teams turned out for this awesome event at Ingalls Harbor in Decatur. In the end, we had a pretty good weekend, taking a 4th in Pork, 2nd in Brisket (Boy that Culinary Prep is working well now!) and 4th overall. We were really excited with the outcomes for Decatur. We are already planning our upcoming season and it should be fun. We are going to be missing this for a few months but we will be back soon!

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