Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Are you kidding me??

Has it really been since January that I last updated the Blog? I must appologize to the loyal reader (snicker) who has visited us on a daily basis to check up on the happenings of the EGGseQuetive Council....yes, we have been in EGGseQuetive Session, so I am not at liberty to discuss what was going on. But I can give you a brief rundown of the last few months lin the lives of the EGGseQuetive Council.

Started off the season in Mississippi...Columbus to be exact, home of the Mississippi University for Women (they are co-ed however). We had a fair showing for our first event. Beautiful location, a transformer blew in the middle of prep, no lights, no generator......wait it out.

Headed to Auburn, AL for a first time event. I did not take shop in High School, so building the Ark was out of the question as it was really needed. Take the weather out of the picture and this might be one of the top contests in the country in the future! Had some good calls in Pork and Brisket.

Winchester, TN was next on the Tour de Egg. This was the first time in four years that Kevin did not compete with Team Bobby-Q.....might want to rethink that decision in the future as we have seen better days for sure.

The 4th contest of the year saw Kevin cooking solo, well without Tammy. He did cook with a Master Judge Candidate that weekend in Athens, AL. Turned out to be a good event as the EGGseQuetive Council took their first GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP of the year.....boy was that exciting!!!

Huntsville, AL....Tammy's hometown was next. Interesting contest.........we will leave it at that.

Pulaski, TN....home of Sundrop Soda....mmmmmmmm....was our 6th contest of the year. We had some really soft ground and a not so hot finish...we will be back though as it was a very well run contest and it was nice visiting all of our friends.

On top of all of this, we both finished six more credit hours towards our PhD from Colorado State. Lots of writing, reading and time on the phone.

We have had a great time so far this year and hope to continue on with it. We appreciate all the support we get from our Sponsors and friends both on the circuit and off.

Hopefully, I can update this a little more often and share some more great times with you all!


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