Saturday, July 18, 2009

June and July Happenings

Well, June was pretty busy with two contests in the month as well as all of the other hectic stuff that comes with the Summer months.

June 12th and 13th found us in Haleyville, AL for the 911 Festival. This is a great contest with organizers who go out of their way for the cooks. We were hoping for a dry contest as it seems that the Tour de Egg is becoming The EGG Ark tour as it has rained more than we have ever seen. Well, this weekend proved no different, however you have to throw in 78 mph straight line winds into it. We were fortunate and did not take much damage, but we can't say that about everyone as it looked like an EX-UP graveyard around the dumpsters on Saturday morning. We had a pretty decent showing with a 3rd place call in chicken and a 1st in pork. Congrats to Mike and Debbie of Lotta Bull and Scott and Suzi of SouthPork on their Grand and Reserve wins!

Two weeks later we were back in Lawrenceburg, TN. This has always seemed to be the hottest weekend of the year and this year was no different. Thursday night's Red Beans and Rice dinner was fantastic as was the Saturday breakfast. We were cooking this weekend with a Master Judge Candidate which was a lot of fun. Hopefully he learned something as I know we did. Thanks Sydney for helping out! We found ourselves making one call to the stage for Pork with a 9th place finish which we were proud of.

The EGGseQuetive Council will be taking July and August off to get ready for the beginning of the Fall 09 semester at UNA as well as take our summer PhD. course at Colorado State University. We are hoping to get rolling again in September. We know for sure that we will be in Florence for the ABA contest at McFarland Park (a palce both Tammy and I think will be one of the best spots in the country for a contest).

That's all for now....see you down the trail!

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